anthony granato

Artist Update: 8/2/2011

The billboard is up! Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting to make this happen!


Artist Update: 8/15/2011

Here are some sneak-peaks of four new paintings that I'm working on...

estranged_thumb.jpg  unabashed_thumb.jpg  recoup_thumb.jpg  foresight_thumb.jpg

Artist Update: 9/17/2011

Here is a detail of a piece that I'm working on for a Pin-up show in

October through November at Gray Wall Gallery in SLC. I will have 6 new
Pin-up painting in the show. It's been a fun project and I've had
some great models!


Artist Update: 10/12/2011

The Pin-Up Series is finished! Click here to see all six new paintings. 

Seduce__Destroy__thumb_1.jpg    Say_Your_Prayers__thumb_1.jpg    Just_Desserts__thumb_1.jpg    Enlightened__thumb_2.jpg

Artist Update: 11/2/2011

I just finished a series of 11 new paintings ranging from insects to figures and animals.
Click here to see all eleven new paintings. 

Estranged__thumb.jpg    Fancy_Free__thumb.jpg    Foresight__thumb.jpg    Unabashed__thumb.jpg

Artist Update: 11/28/2011

Here's a sneak-peek of the new series of Pin-ups for Silver Queen Fine Art's "Pin-ups & Pussycats" Group. The opening in Park City, UT is on January 20 & 21.

Danger_Kitty__thumb.jpg    Get_Em_Tiger__thumb.jpg    Time_to_Play__thumb.jpg    Something_for_Nothing_final__thumb.jpg

Artist Update: 12/14/2011

I decided to mix it up a bit and paint a couple owls. Click the image to view the final painting.

Branching_Out__thumb.jpg     By_Starlight__thumb.jpg

Artist Update: 12/21/2011

Here's some new backgrounds I've been working on for a Gala White-Themed Masquerade party in January. Click here for event details.

cloud_9__thumb.jpg    detritus__thumb.jpg    down_turn__thumb.jpg    lost__thumb.jpg

Artist Update: 12/30/2011

I haven't posted an in-progress painting yet... so here you go! The other pic is my palate for underpaintings.

IMG_0507__alt.jpg  IMG_0506__alt.jpg

Artist Update: 1/23/2012

I just posted six new paintings showing at Silver Queen Fine Art for their event for Sundance called "Pin-ups & Pussycats."
Click on the images below to view details of each piece.

Time_to_Play__alt_1.jpg    Get_Em_Tiger__alt.jpg Danger_Kitty__alt.jpg

KnockOut__alt.jpg   Embrace__alt.jpg   Something_for_Nothing__alt.jpg

Artist Update: 1/30/2012

I just posted 12 new paintings that showed at the White Masquerade Ball on 1/28/12. Click here to see them all.
Or click on the images below to view details of each piece.

Down_Turn__thumb.jpg    Time_Will_Tell__thumb.jpg    Silence__thumb.jpg    Cascade__thumb.jpg

Artist Update: 3/2/2012

I've started a new series of skull paintings. The group is called "Happy Face 1-6"

These are pics of the series in progress... It's nice painting some skulls again :)

IMG_0596__alt.jpg    IMG_0597__alt.jpg    IMG_0599__alt.jpg    IMG_0600__alt.jpg

Artist Update: 3/13/2012

Alright! It's off to the NYC Art Expo March 22nd - 25th! If you're in the area, come visit me at booth 1130.

Here is the series of skulls called "Happy Face 1-6" finished...


Artist Update: 4/18/2012

I'm honored and excited that BLUECANVAS Magazine chose me and my work to be featured in their quarterly publication!

It's avaible at most bookstores and Geek shops. Grab a copy! Click the image below to go to BLUECANVAS' website...


Artist Update: 5/24/2012

Check-out my new pieces for Blonde Grizzly's Star Wars Group Show.
This project was a blast! Click the images below to view the full paintings.

Die_Rebel_Scum__lrg.jpg    The_Death_of_Anakin__lrg.jpg

Artist Update: 6/29/2012

This piece was part of a collaborative project with the lovely and talented, Lara Dann.
She painted the background and I painted the figure and the butterfly... and of course, I picked-out the frame :) Click the image to see the full painting.


Artist Update: 7/12/2012

Here's the series of paintings I did for The Gallery Zero show in Portland, OR...
Click the image to see the each painting. The overall size is 16' X 6'. Enjoy!


Artist Update: 8/20/2012

Sorry for the looooooong overdo update... Things have been crazy (in a good way) this last month-and-a-half! Anyway, here's a pic from one of my travels to Portland, OR. I went out Plein Air painting with a couple people at 5:00am! Anyone who knows me realizes what a feat that is :)


Artist Update: 8/24/2012

Here are a couple of new pieces for August. They've been a lot of fun to work on! One painting is on a skate deck! Click the images to go to the full paintings.

common_ground_thumb.jpg   sweet_nothings_thumb.jpg  No_Harm_No_Foul_thumb.jpg   transitory_thumb.jpg

Artist Update: 9/24/2012

Here are a few paintings I've been working on... These little guys are going to have some great frames slapped on them. Stay tuned!

IMG_0894.jpg   IMG_0895.jpg  IMG_0898.jpg   IMG_0899.jpg

Artist Update: 10/11/2012

HEY! I've posted several new paintings. I have use some new design tratments and played with my color pallete a bit. I'm pretty jazzed about them. You can see the whole group here. Or just by clicking the images below... Enjoy!

Elapse__thumb.jpg   Taciturn__thumb.jpg  Strike__thumb.jpg   Mantra__thumb.jpg

Artist Update: 10/29/2012

Here I am at the opening of Blonde Grizzly's Monster Show! Click on the image to see Dead-O-Lantern. Happy Halloween!


Artist Update: 11/12/2012

Here are two paintings I completed in 24 hours for The Hive Gallery's 24 Hour Art Show! It was intense but a bunch of fun. Click on the image to see the two pieces in detail.


Artist Update: 11/16/2012

I won RAW's Visual Artist of the Year - SLC 2012!!!! Thanks so much to everyone for their love and support! I couldn't have done it without all of you. LA, here I come!


Artist Update: 11/27/2012

I'm working on somthing a little different for Blonde Grizzly's December Nutcracker Show. This guy is stripped, primed and ready to paint!


Artist Update: 12/5/2012

Here's the newset on the easel... My first attempt at a polar bear. Click the image to see the finished painting. Enjoy the winterness!


Artist Update: 12/12/2012

Happy 12/12/12, everyone! Today is a good day for an update... Here's the finished nutcracker I completed for Blonde Grizzly's Nutcracker show. Click the image to view the entire piece. Also, I've added some new paintings today. Click here to see them. Happy Holidays!


Artist Update: 12/17/2012

I've uploaded a couple more paintings that I just framed for your viewing enjoyment... Click the image to see the finished piece.

Hungry_final__web_thumb.jpg Winding_Road_final__web_tumb.jpgSo_Remote_final__web_thumb.jpg Via_Con_Dios_final__web_thumb.jpg

Artist Update: 1/4/2013

I've just received my new stamps for 2013! I'm super jazzed. I also mad a HUGE one for some big paintings for later this year!


Artist Update: 1/31/2013

Here's a little glimpse at some of my first paintings of 2013... Pre-framing, of course. Click the images to see the finished painting, enjoy!

dragonfly_2.jpg gasmask.jpg skull.jpgwings.jpg

Artist Update: 3/14/2013

It's been waaaaay too long since I posted a new update. Here are a few new paintings I've been working on. Click the image to see the final piece, cheers :)

capricious_thumb.jpg glean_thumb.jpg papillon_thumb.jpgtruth_thumb.jpg

Artist Update: 4/15/2013

I've added all of my current paintings to-date online... Here are a few for your viewing pleasure. Click the image to see the final piece or click here for the entire list.

Lascivious__thumb.jpg Noble_Lie__thumb.jpgSwept_Away__thumb.jpg Winsome__thumb_2.jpg

Artist Update: 6/4/2013

Here's a new epic painting that I just finished... And here's the refurbished hand-painted frame to go with it. Click the images to seee the final painting!


Artist Update: 6/25/2013

I've been a busy little boy working on several new paintings... Click here to see all six or click each image to view the original. Cheers!



Artist Update: 9/28/2013



WOW! It's been ages since an update... Sweet Little Baby Jesus, I've been a slammed with SLC ComicCon, Urban Arts Fest and a bunch of new commissions! So, sorry for the delay, here's some new works to take a gander at...

Happy_Face_7__thumb.jpg      Incite__thumb.jpg

Deep_Roller__thumb.jpg      Matriarch__thumb.jpg

Artist Update: 10/26/2013



I'm pretty jazzed about the continuation of the Happy Face skull series with numbers 8-13. Now showing at Silver Queen Fine Art in Park City! Click on the image to see the final piece or click here to see the whole group. Cheers!


Artist Update: 12/13/2013



What better day to post new painting than Friday the 13th!? Okay, here you go... Click the images to see the full piece. Enjoy!


Artist Update: 12/31/2013



It's been a great year for me in the art world. Here are the last two paintings of 2013! Click the images to view the full piece. Cheers and Happy New Year!



Artist Update: 2/13/2014



2014 is off to a great start! I hope it's the same for all of you :) Here's the first four paintings of the year. Click on the images to see the final pieces.


Artist Update: 3/18/2014



I'm getting my Geek-on as I gear-up for SLC Comicon this April! It's going to be a blast! More geekiness to ensue shortly... Click on the image to view the full painting. Cheers!


Artist Update: 4/2/2014



More geekiness unravels as I get ready for SLC Comicon this April! Click on the image to view the full painting. May the geek be with you :)



Artist Update: 5/26/2014



I hope everyone is having an enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend! Here's a sneak-peek at some new paintings that I'm working on right now... Click the image to go to the finished painting!



Artist Update: 6/25/2014



There is quite a bit of variety going on in this recent group of imagery that I'm working on right now... Moths and pigs and skulls, oh my! Click the image to go to the finished painting!


Artist Update: 7/10/2014



I hope you all had a fantastic 'Merica Birthday weekend! Here's some of the latest pieces I've been working on. Three of which are on skate decks for The Urban Arts Festival anual skate deck group show! Click the images to go see the final painting.



Artist Update: 8/11/2014



Here's the latest paintings I've completed this summer... Two of which are my new favorites and the other two are commissions. Click on the image to see the final piece. Enjoy!